The Anjuman e Sadaat e Rajhistan Welfare Association (Reg)/ A.S.R PAKISTAN , was founded by some determined Youngsters in April 2017 In Karachi , whose basic concern was the service to humanity .The Community is living in Pakistan & abroad Karachi ,Hyderabad , Nawab shah , Khairpur Mirus & Jhampir dist Thatta Sindh in majority .

The Youngsters of the Community were observing that countless people /families are there in this socially and economically ruined society who are due to economical diversities and the absence of healthy social trends , compelled to starve, unable to afford treatment while suffering from some disease and deprived of toher important while suffering from some disease and deprived of other important and essential necessities of life . Unfortunately we have not a developed a community system for ourselves yet . some of our people are doing welfare social welfare individually but due to absence of team work its efficiency is too less. For these reasons some people vowed to serve th poor and deserving people of th nation as much as possible by establishing a welfare organization ANJUMAN E SADAAT E RAJHISTAN WELFARE ASSOCIATION (Reg ) came into existence .

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